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The Best Mini Split Systems in Mesa

Mini Split systems are a great alternative to the traditional split system and can offer many advantages for home and business owners looking to add or update their heating and air conditioning. They come in “ducted” and “ductless” options, which means we can connect to an existing duct system, or design a customized solution for each individual project. They offer a wide range of flexibility when it comes to unconventional spaces, such as flat roofs, tight attics, or electric only communities. These systems also use the same, all electric system, to heat AND cool your home or business.

They are more efficient than many of the traditional systems we see in homes today and are opening up a whole new world of possibilities for many homes in the Mesa area. Give us a call today to schedule a visit with one of our Mini Split Specialists. We offer free on-site estimates and take pride in offering only the best in customer service & satisfaction

480 Mechanical Ductless Mini Split Services 

  • Air conditioning system diagnostics
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Air conditioner tune-ups & maintenance
  • A/C drain line cleaning
  • Zone control systems
  • Air filter replacement
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Air Conditioning Tune-Up Plans

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Mesa Ductless AC and Mini Split Systems

Economical cooling unit service is the name of the game at 480 Mechanical. We don’t charge our customers rates that are outrageous. We make affordability a top priority. If you want to fix a cooling unit without having to set aside a fortune, you can rely on us. If you want to install a new air conditioner for your home or office without having to break the bank, you can rely on us. We aspire to give our loyal customers excellent value for their hard-earned dollars. Our customers matter that much to us and always have.

You should never let cooling unit problems ruin your day. We can give you the convenience of HVAC system service that’s all-encompassing, technologically advanced, and effective to the max. Our team members have a lot of experience with air conditioning unit dilemmas that run the gamut. If you need to fix an air conditioner that’s honestly too loud, we’re right here. If you need to replace an air conditioner that’s been in use for years and years, we’re right here, too. Call the courteous team at 480 Mechanical now to get a complimentary estimate for our service.

Well-functioning heating and A/C systems are imperative to your comfort, both in the office and at home. At 480 Mechanical we pride ourselves on our ability to keep those systems up and running. Our trustworthy technicians guarantee your satisfaction 100% of the time. We understand that this equipment is an investment for you, and we always ensure you’re getting the most for your money. For trustworthy HVAC service and installation, consider us your go-to.

When you need reliable heating and cooling without the fuss, count on the knowledgeable pros at 480 Mechanical. As your local HVAC specialist, we have the ductless mini-split AC services and solutions you need to enjoy unparalleled comfort in Mesa.

What Is a Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

Standard HVAC systems work by forcing heated and cooled air through a network of air ducts to condition your home. It’s a proven approach to climate control, but it’s not without issues. Air ducts can often be leaky, making your system less efficient and potentially pulling dust and particulates into your home. If air isn’t distributed evenly, you may also end up with uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

Ductless air conditioning systems, also known as ductless mini-splits, simply cut out the middleman. Indoor air handler units deliver conditioned air directly into your living space, eliminating wasteful leaks and other airflow issues. Instead of ductwork, all that’s needed is a small conduit to connect the air handlers to an outdoor compressor unit.

You Can Do More with Ductless AC

With no need for bulky air ducts, ductless air conditioning systems are perfect for meeting a variety of climate control challenges. Air handlers can be mounted to nearly any surface in your home, allowing you to direct air precisely where it’s needed. Ductless systems can be used as a whole-home solution or as a supplement to your existing forced-air system. For even greater flexibility, a ductless multi-split lets you install multiple air handlers that can be controlled independently. Some of the most popular applications for ductless AC systems include:

  • Heating and cooling homes that aren’t set up for ductwork
  • Conditioning bedrooms, garages, and other new home additions
  • Creating personal spaces for each family member to control

Top-Notch Ductless HVAC Services and Solutions

At 480 Mechanical, we’re proud to carry premium equipment designed to deliver exceptional comfort, reliability, and efficiency. All of our systems are professionally installed and tested by trained service technicians to ensure maximum performance and longevity. To keep your ductless AC system in top condition, we also offer easy and affordable maintenance services and rapid ductless AC repairs. When traditional climate control just won’t do, pick up the phone and call ABC Air. From high-quality equipment installations to speedy repairs, we have all the ductless air conditioning services you need.

As a family-owned and operated HVAC company, we offer prompt, personable, and value-oriented service along with competitive, upfront pricing at a flat rate. Our heating and cooling professionals are available 24 hours a day for repairs in case of an emergency. When you call 480 Mechanical, you’ll receive a free service call with every repair and free estimates on client-specified models.